Star brite Oil Absorbent Sheets

Oil changes and major engine repairs usually result in oil stains on workbenches and floors that can become a major cleanup project. However, if you prevent the mess, there’s nothing to clean up. The solution is simple: Star brite’s Oil Absorbent Sheets. The soft material is engineered to repel water while absorbing many times its weight in oil, fuel and grease to make clean up as easy as rolling up and disposing of the pad. A large 17 inches by 19 inches in size, the pads can be placed on tabletops for smaller projects, under equipment being worked on, or in storage to collect fuel leaks or oil drips. The sheets are also an ideal way to keep tools and parts handy during a job, so nuts, bolts and tiny parts won’t fall off the bench and become lost. After use, dispose of in accordance with local regulations. Available as 5-packs or in bulk packages of 100 or 200 pads.

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