Steiner Flail Mower

Steiner Flail Mower

Steiner released its new Flail Mower attachment at the 2021 GIE+EXPO. This mower attachment provides high performance and durable cutting of grass and brush up to 3/4-inch diameter.

The Steiner Flail Mower attachment comes with two different knife options. The standard “Y” knife is used to cut tall, heavy grass and brush whereas the “Scoop” knife is used to give turf a more finished look.

The features on the rear of the attachment assist in making mowing more efficient. The rear roller on the Flail Mower attachment gives an eye-catching stripe finish on the turf while also providing stability. The rear discharge mower deck is effective when mowing along roadways and sidewalks to get rid of any debris in unwanted areas.

“At Steiner, we know that efficiency is one of the top priorities in landscaping, which is why the knives on our new Flail Mower attachment can be removed and installed in only a few minutes,” said Ron Scheffler, senior product manager for Doosan Bobcat, parent company of Steiner. “The Flail Mower attachment is another great addition to our line of tractor attachments, helping make tough jobs easy all year long.”

Attached to the powerful Steiner 450 tractor, the new Flail Mower attachment can get jobs done on uneven terrain thanks to the tractor’s unique articulating and oscillating frame. And with the QuickHitch attachment system, operators can switch between more than a dozen attachments in a matter of minutes with no tools required.

The Steiner Flail Mower attachment will be available in the beginning of 2022.