Stihl FB 131 bed redefiner

Previously only available as a Stihl KombiSystem attachment, professional landscapers can now give lawns and flower beds a crisp, clean edge with the gasoline-powered Stihl FB 131 bed redefiner. With its 710cc fuel tank and low-emission engine, this professional-grade redefiner delivers long run times without sacrificing performance. It features a vertical pleated paper air filter for excellent filtration and Stihl exclusive IntelliCarb technology which maintains desired RPM if the air filter begins to clog. A simple starting procedure also helps pros get to work fast.

“This dedicated bed redefiner has all the bells and whistles to deliver a precise edge at a consistent depth,” said Marv Mathwig, product manager at Stihl Inc. “Its features also help users save time, which on the job, means money.”

Key Features:

  • Semi-automatic choke lever enables simple three-step start procedure: simply purge the primer bulb, set the choke and pull the starter handle
  • One-touch stop switch allows user to turn off the engine with the simple press of a button. The switch automatically returns to the start position which saves time and reduces the chance of engine flooding when restarting
  • Cost effective replacement blades with patented cutting geometry for performance
  • Straight solid-steel drive shaft for durability comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Multi-function control handle for easy access to all controls
  • Professional design “open” deflector to minimize clogging
  • “Line of sight” indicator for precision control
  • Easily adjustable depth-wheel for desired cutting depth to create precision cuts
  • Easily replaceable heavy-duty skid plate prevents costly repairs to the gearbox
  • Vertical pleated paper air filter for excellent filtration and extended replacement intervals
  • Three-screw access to starter assembly for easy replacement on the job
  • Unloaded overspeed protection designed to detect load changes and adjust engine speed in order to avert possible engine damage
  • New one-screw service cover provides quick access to spark plug and valve train for easy adjustment and service
  • Quick and easy throttle cable adjustment