Stihl FBD-KM bed redefiner saves time and labor

The Stihl FBD-KM bed redefiner is the latest attachment to join the powerful, versatile and ergonomic gasoline-powered Stihl KombiSystem. When combined with the Stihl 130 R KombiMotor, the durable and efficient FBD-KM bed redefiner enables professional landscapers to maintain existing mulch and flower bed edges up to 7 times faster than manually with a shovel.

“The Stihl FBD-KM bed redefiner’s open deflector design minimizes clogging for smooth, efficient operation, and the solid drive shaft increases torque and durability,” said Marv Mathwig, Stihl Inc. product manager. “The attachment’s easily adjustable depth wheel and ‘line of sight’ indicator provide more precise control, offering cuts with depths up to 2.6 inches.”

An affordable alternative to a dedicated bed redefiner, the Stihl FBD-KM attachment is recommended for use with the KM 130 R, Stihl’s most powerful KombiMotor, and it also works well with the KM 90 R and KM 110 R. Each of these KombiMotors is part of the Caring for Nature product line that features reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel efficiency over traditional 2-cycle engines.

The Stihl KombiSystem now offers 14 different attachments to meet landscaping needs. Because of its split-shaft design and special toolless quick-release coupling, the Stihl KombiSystem can save time and money (as compared to buying the equivalent task-dedicated tools) on grass and hedge trimming, edging, pruning, cleaning (including brushing, sweeping and blowing), and cultivating. The KombiSystem can also save on storage and transportation space.

Stihl Inc.