Stihl FS 94 R professional trimmer

The Stihl FS 94 R professional trimmer offers features to simplify landscaping tasks in a powerful 2-stroke engine package. The FS 94 R debuts as the lightest trimmer in the Stihl professional line and features one of the best power-to-weight ratios in its class. At just above 10 pounds, the FS 94 R combines performance, portability and innovation to help pros tackle large jobs with less fatigue. The FS 94 R is equipped with the Ecospeed throttle adjustment wheel, allowing users to set the most effective speed for a particular application, such as low throttle around flower beds and high throttle to cut through thick grass and weeds. It does all of this with stable engine operation and performance throughout the RPM range while delivering the maneuverability needed to navigate around obstacles and power to get the job done.