Stihl introduces first chain saw with Stihl fuel injection technology

Stihl introduced the MS 500i, the first ever Stihl chain saw with fuel injection technology. With the one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the market, and outstanding acceleration, the MS 500i is ideally suited for professional forestry personnel and tree service professionals in tree felling, harvesting, and processing of large timber.

The Stihl MS 500i chain saw packs plenty of power in a lightweight package with precise fuel-metering for optimal performance. The MS 500i chain saw includes:

  • Optimal power-to-weight ratio providing the power to get the job done, with reduced user fatigue.
  • Simplified starting procedure requiring users only push the primer bulb and pull the starter cord.
  • Achieves rapid acceleration that enables the saw to provide maximum power immediately.
  • Optional wrap handle version, allowing the chain saw to be used in multiple positions for felling or limbing with hands in the proper positions.