Stihl showcases a range of innovations at GIE+EXPO

Stihl Inc. highlighted many of its latest innovations at GIE+EXPO:

  • The Stihl BR 800 C-E Magnum and Stihl BR 800 X Magnum backpack blowers are the ideal machines for professional landscapers tackling large properties and heavy debris. Both BR 800 backpack blowers offer 20 percent more power than the Stihl BR 700 backpack blowers, allowing users to clear leaves, grass and heavy debris faster and more efficiently. The BR 800 C-E Magnum comes equipped with a unique starting handle on the side of the unit, allowing users to easily start — and restart — the engine while continuing to wear the blower on their back.
  • The Stihl FSA 130 R AP Series battery-powered trimmer offers instant starts, a 16.5-inch cutting width and a commercial-grade brushless electric motor for optimal performance and durability. Its variable-speed throttle trigger offers three performance levels, allowing users versatility in selecting the best operation speed for the job at hand, conserving battery energy and allowing maximum runtimes. The external battery connection to the Stihl AR backpack battery shifts the battery weight from the unit to the user’s back for optimal weight distribution and user comfort during long work days. It also offers compatibility with more cutting attachments than previous battery-powered models including metal grass blades and brush knives when equipped with appropriate deflector.
  • Part of the AP Series line of Stihl battery products, the HSA 94 R and HSA 94 T hedge trimmers are designed for professionals and feature commercial-grade, brushless electric motors. Both offer instant-start technology and feature a variable-speed throttle trigger with three performance levels for a range of blade speeds. The ergonomic handle is equipped for making cuts in any direction, allowing for efficient and comfortable use.
  • Stihl’s KMA 130 R KombiMotor gives professionals the ability to trim, prune, edge, clean, cultivate, and more with 13 optional attachments <dash> all without gas or exhaust emissions. The external battery source shifts the battery weight to the user’s back or hips, ensuring a lightweight, comfortable and balanced position, regardless of the attachment being used. Its quiet operation enables this unit the flexibility to be used during extended hours, such as early mornings, evenings, holidays and weekends. Instant starts allow quick movement from one task to another, and the variable-speed throttle trigger has three performance levels.
  • The Stihl MS 462 C-M and MS 462 R C-M chain saws were specially engineered for the professional user who desires more power and reduced weight, resulting in less user fatigue. Both chain saw models feature an excellent power-to-weight ratio. These chain saws feature the next generation of the Stihl M-Tronic engine management system, which electronically controls ignition timing and fuel metering. Conveniently, the saws auto-adjust or adapt to varying operating conditions, such as changes in altitude and fuel quality for optimal performance.
  • The Stihl MSA 161 T top-handle chain saw is ideal for professional arborists looking for lightweight, quiet performance for in-tree work. Equipped with a commercial-grade, brushless electric motor, this zero-exhaust, top-handle chain saw delivers ideal speed cutting capacity and runtimes. The MSA 161 T also comes standard with a ¼-inch Stihl PICCO saw chain for precise cutting performance and clean, smooth cuts.
  • The Stihl RE 90 corded-electric pressure washer provides 1,800 psi of water pressure to quickly and efficiently clean decks, driveways, sidewalks, and more. It comes standard with an adjustable flat-jet nozzle, rotary nozzle and a detergent sprayer to tackle a variety of jobs around the home and garden.