Stone Forest 2011 outdoor collection

Stone Forest expanded its collection with new designs including: dining table and bench, several sinks, a fire table, a water wall, and natural basins. The new Elemental Outdoor Room collection is awe-inspiring in its use of numerous sensory-pleasing organic materials; among them basalt, granite and stainless steel.

Stone Forest’s new products follow in the footsteps of the company’s long-standing philosophy of blurring the line between the natural world and the home environment.

Vesta Fire Table: Stone Forest’s Fire Vessels incorporate natural materials into delightfully functional sculptures. The Vesta Fire Table’s granite top and stainless steel base provide a safe, sturdy and eye-catching vehicle for producing warming outdoor flames.

Horta Dining Table & Bench: Cut from blocks of basalt, an extremely durable volcanic rock found in exotic locales – such as the Deccan Traps in India, and the Paraná Traps in Brazil – the surfaces of the Horta Dining Table & Bench are flamed and then brushed to create a tactile experience. Even Horta, the Etruscan Goddess of Gardens, would appreciate the impeccable beauty and craftsmanship of these pieces.

Ribbed Waterwall: The Ribbed Waterwall is a dramatic indoor fountain that can live just as happily in a confi ned room as it can a wide open floor plan. A truly contemporary piece designed in blue-gray granite, the Ribbed Waterwall signifycantly enhances the atmosphere of the modern home.

Alpine Sink : The Alpine Sink is a rustic, rugged, above counter, outdoor kitchen sink with plenty of room to get the job done right. Carved from blocks of beige granite with hand chiseled exterior and honed interior, its striking appearance, coupled with its durability, make it a highly desirable outdoor feature.

Salus Potting Sink: Though the Salus Potting Sink makes a splendid addition to the garden setting, it’s definitely not your-garden variety sink. Carved from blocks of black granite and finished with painstaking precision, the unique piece is designed to accommodate your potting and landscape design needs.