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Data suggest US economic growth is picking up

Maybe the US economy's strength this winter wasn't just weather-related after all. Home construction is near a 3-year high. And factory output has risen in 3 of the year's first 4 months. The data released Wednesday suggest growth in the April-June quarter is off to a good start, helped by falling gas prices and solid hiring gains. Fears of a spring slump are easing....
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Lawn mower tests have come a long way since the 1950s

When Consumer Reports first tested lawn mowers in 1957, we judged eight of the 30 rotary models Not Acceptable because they discharged clippings, rocks, and other objects high off the ground and even toward the operator's face. Mowers have become a lot safer since then, thanks to standard that became law in 1982. Now when our technicians test mowers they can concentrate on performance rather than ducking for cover....