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Greening Australia: Exploring Australia’s Emerging Green Roof and Wall Industry

The Australia green roof and wall industry has grown more than 50 percent in the last year. Sydney, Australia is poised to host to the World Green Infrastructure Congress this October, bringing together industry professionals, researchers, government officials and organizations throughout the world. Presented by the World Green Infrastructure Network and Green Roofs Australasia, the conference will shine a spotlight on green roof and wall opportunities in a market that has $5.17 billion gross national revenue for the landscape industry and $18.2 billion in revenue for the national horticulture market....
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325 Years Later, Husqvarna in Tune with the Marketplace

Husqvarna shares its birth year with… Johann Sebastian Bach. One of the world’s greatest composers remains a powerful force in classical music because of the quality of his work -- which consists of over 1,000 elegant pieces of music -- from concertos and cantatas to sonatas and orchestral suites. Like the Baroque works of the adored German musician, appreciated as much for his technical command as his artistry, Husqvarna too has endured for 325 years. But while Bach’s compositions -- of course -- have not changed in that time, Husqvarna’s output has evolved dramatically over 3-1/4 centuries....
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The Times, They Are A-Chaingin’

By Ed KlaasMark Twain is believed to have said, "If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes." What would he think if he were alive today? Extreme and rapidly changing weather seems to be the new normal. The pendulum appears to swing back and forth at a faster pace and its swings go farther and farther to the extremes. Some parts of the country have experienced record drought, record rainfall, coldest temperatures, hottest months and years, record snowfall, and violent storms -- not just over the last century but all within the span of the last few years....
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What Do Clients Really Want?

In the early days of my landscape consulting business, I tended to charge into problem-solving minutes after my arrival on the site, but this was alienating to my clients. I learned that a relaxed conversation needs to take place, one that is strategically designed to get at what my client really wants. Asking the right questions is a hugely important part of that interaction; I pose many questions, but there are three that I find most critical....

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