Tanya Tolpegin resigned her position as CEO of the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), effective June 27, 2008. In a statement released by PLANET, Tolpegin chose to submit her resignation “after much soul searching over the past six months.”

In the released statement, PLANET President Jason Cupp, indicated that “During the past four years of her employment at PLANET, and as PLANET’s first CEO, Tanya helped lead the successful merger of two powerful organizations and positioned the ensuing organization, PLANET, on a strong and economically viable track for years to come.

“Tanya also worked diligently to ensure successful PLANET alliances including the alliance of PLANET’s Green Industry Conference/Green Industry Expo (GIC/GIE) and the OPEI Expo,” Cupp stated. “The 2007 conference, in its first year of combined operations, was a huge success. Tanya also renewed and sustained PLANET’s alliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The increase in PLANET membership during her tenure as CEO has also been significant and we have seen substantial revenue growth in almost every program area.”

According to Cupp, during Tolpegin’s tenure with PLANET, she initiated, executed and delivered on numerous strategic initiatives while leading PLANET through a 4-year period of almost constant change.

“Tanya realized that her true business passion is to work with organizations that are going through significant growth, change and/or operational challenges,” Cupp stated. “She has decided to leave to explore new opportunities after helping to create a strong foundation for PLANET and positioning it for continuing success.”

Cupp is currently setting up a CEO task force to begin a nationwide search for PLANET’s next CEO. “Unfortunately, we are at the beginning stages of that process, so that is all the information I have at this time,” said Cupp.

Tanya Tolpegin