The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Professional Communications Awards for outstanding communication are given to TCIA Active or Affiliate Member firms whose communications with the public or their peers make a significant contribution to the professionalism of the tree care industry.

The award competition features five entry categories: 

Newsletter/Blog: These items can be either print or digital. When submitting newsletters, please upload three issues (i.e. – Spring, Summer, Fall).

Brochure/Flyer/Print Ad: All of these pieces should be no more than one “page” and should be a one-time communication tool.

Website/Mobile App: Includes any and all websites that are associated with your company, or a mobile app your company has developed. 

Social Media: Includes videos, podcasts, social media accounts/pages, etc…

Marketing Campaign: These submissions require the use of two or more award categories focusing on one goal or message.

The deadline to enter the Professional Communications Awards is November 1, 2019