Tenth annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Expo draws more than 900 water professionals

More than 900 professionals working in a wide range of water-related disciplines gathered to network and share experiences and ideas at the 10th annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, held October 4-6 in Las Vegas.

As it has since its inception in 2008, WSI serves as a platform to help local communities achieve greater water efficiency and conservation, said Program Chairman Doug Bennett.

“This was the first time in ten years that many of our attendees weren’t facing a worsening drought,” Bennett said. “This was a great opportunity to learn how communities managed the most perilous conditions and how sharing our lessons may help address the inevitable water shortages to come.”

The WSI program included comprehensive professional sessions and panel discussions, pre-conference workshops and an expo hall. It also featured an opening keynote address by Catherine Greener, Vice President of Sustainability for Xanterra Parks & Resorts.

In addition, a luncheon featured the presentation of the WaterSense Partner of the Year Awards by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense Program and the Alliance for Water Efficiency.

WSI participants comprised professionals from 39 states and the District of Columbia, as well as Afghanistan, Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom.

Technical tours to Hoover Dam, Clark County Wetlands Park, the Springs Preserve and The Venetian Resort highlighted Southern Nevada’s water-efficiency practices and water resources, while an expo hall provided 80 exhibitors with an opportunity to share their water-efficient products and services.


The Southern Nevada Water Authority presented WSI in partnership with the American Water Works Association, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the U.S. EPA’s WaterSense Program, International Center for Water Technology, Irrigation Association, California Landscape Contractors Association, Imagine H2O, Audubon International, the California Water Efficiency Partnership, and International Code Council.

Agency supporters included San Diego County Water Authority, Denver Water, City of Phoenix, Water Research Foundation, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Central Arizona Project, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and Arizona Municipal Water Users Association.

The 11th annual WSI conference and expo is slated for October 3-5, 2018, at the South Point Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas. More information is available at WaterSmartInnovations.com.