Terra Nova Nurseries launches inaugural Garden Decorating Guide

Terra Nova Nurseries launched its inaugural Garden Decorating Guide, which was created to educate brokers, growers, retailers, and landscapers about available Terra Nova Nurseries varieties. The concept of the guide’s wheel-shaped design was based upon a creative new approach to color blocking in which plant varieties are grouped and displayed by color.

The Garden Decorating Guide was inspired by The Pantone Matching System (PMS) color guide and the general notion of home decorating guides and catalogs. Similar to these resource materials for designers and consumers, Terra Nova Nurseries’ Garden Decorating Guide will provide new plant information unified with color trend forecasting and insights for the landscape.

Every variety in the Garden Decorating Guide is featured on a dedicated 9- by 2.5-inch sturdy card printed on heavy paper stock. All cards are affixed by a white pin that fastens the wheel as a cohesive, flexible sales and marketing tool purposed for plant selection.

“A key goal of the guide is to present Terra Nova Nurseries’ genetics in an innovative format that easily demonstrates and describes each variety’s profile, habit, traits, zone range, exposure, and other resourceful information,” says Nathan Lamkey, director of sales and marketing / assistant general manager with Terra Nova Nurseries. “In a clear sense, gardening is decorating; we believe the guide will help nurture this concept.”

Lamkey, with the help of Josh Blair, graphic designer, and Dan Heims, president and co-owner of Terra Nova Nurseries, envisioned, wrote and created the guide as a collaborative, team effort.

A highlight of the Garden Decorating Guide is a wide-range of professional photos portraying close-up or garden shots of each plant. The individual plant cards also co-feature two companion plants for effortlessly pairing several varieties with harmonizing hues, textures, shapes, sizes, and growing conditions. Ordering information with specifics regarding liner and boxing options as well as details about multiples and minimums are located on the inside-back cover of the guide.

Terra Nova Nurseries will use the new guide to help members of the industry view the company’s plants, across a vast array of colors and textures, as the palette for the canvas of gardens, beds, borders, containers, and hanging baskets.


“With the versatility of the Garden Decorating Guide, brokers will have the opportunity to advise garden centers in terms of palettes of color for their retail benches,” says Lamkey. “Wholesalers can utilize the guide to present numerous plant choices and pairings to their customers, and landscape designers can use it when helping their customers select plants for their patios and outdoor rooms.”

The debut of the Garden Decorating Guide is expected to become an ongoing, annual tool for assisting companies reach informed decisions about the plants they will order, grow, sell, and / or install for the following seasons and year, giving them competitive sales and cross-sale advantages.

Terra Nova Nurseries’ new Garden Decorating Guide can be requested through www.terranovanurseries.com.