Terra Nova Nurseries launches new solution-based Web site and catalog

 Terra Nova Nurseries, a world leader in plant breeding technology, has announced the launch of a redesigned Web site and 2010 catalog which target grower and retailer audiences with solution-based information and photos. The site and catalog were created in tandem to serve as informational tools for industry customers and end-consumers, and to position Terra Nova Nurseries as a destination breeder for wholesalers, re-wholesalers, retailers, and professional landscapers.

“For the past several years, we have been carefully monitoring changes in the marketplace. Our customers know what they need to be successful, but they simply haven’t had all the necessary plant material available to them.” says Dan Heims, co-founder and president of Terra Nova Nurseries. As a result, Terra Nova Nurseries re-categorized customer wants and needs, and is now producing plants that specifically target trouble areas in the landscape, seasonality, and U.S.D.A. Hardiness Zones.

The marketing team at Terra Nova Nurseries uncovered a desire for education and full disclosure of information about each plant on the parts of customers. In response, the company developed the new Web site and catalog with customers in mind, keeping information streamlined, thorough and targeted per sub-audience.

Terra Nova Nurseries designed the new site and catalog to incorporate detailed insights about 54 new varieties for 2010, many of which possess qualities never before seen in 16 distinct genera. Highlights include the top five must-have new varieties and top five must-have new collections encompassing Coreopsis, Tiarella, Hellebore, Heuchera, and Agastache.

The new 2010 catalog and site contain rationales behind various new plant or genus improvements, along with explanations as to how the plants have been improved over previous cultivars. Plants were specifically bred to match unique customer needs and to address undesirable cultural traits. Some noteworthy examples of this innovative breeding include a new leucanthemum without an unpleasant scent, hardy echinaceas with sturdier stalks, and several tiarellas with trailing habits for extended landscape applications.  

The catalog also encompasses all-new features such as content-rich boxes placed throughout the 80-page colorful booklet that supply grower customers with breeding and plant cultural insights. The graphically designed boxes consist of the following information:

Grower Solutions – Solution plants that have been bred to solve the problems growers encounter throughout a growing season; comparisons between Terra Nova Nurseries’ products versus products from direct competitors; and benefits of Terra Nova Nurseries’ genetics versus standard varieties
Breeder Goals – Strategies created by Terra Nova Nurseries’ breeding department to develop superior plants; breeder breakthroughs that have revolutionized the genera; and exceptional breeding achievements
Native Species – Color-coded maps that establish areas in which Terra Nova Nurseries’ hybrids are native

The new interactive Web site has been organized by relative sectors: home gardeners, professional growers and media professionals. The sectioned online portal allows visitors to easily navigate to the most relevant, up-to-date information they seek. Notable highlights from the new Web site include an extensive photo library with downloadable high-resolution images for customers and media members, updated access to current plant availability, a news section with the latest ready-to-print press releases, and marketing section with a downloadable version of the 2010 wholesale catalog. The site’s most accommodating feature is a section housing detailed plant information for every product offered by Terra Nova Nurseries.

After receiving an over-whelming number of requests for insights into Terra Nova Nurseries’ special and unique horticultural accomplishments, a collectors’ guide was also featured in the new catalog. The collectors’ guide is an insert that fits into the fold of the main catalog and consists of rare plants, limited editions and classic varieties for growers, retailers, buyers, and garden enthusiasts.

To access the new Web site and download a copy of the new 2010 catalog, visit www.terranovanurseries.com.