The Arbor Day Foundation partners with the TREE Fund

The TREE Fund has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation. This partnership has sprouted as the foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary and the TREE Fund celebrates its 20th. The Arbor Day Foundation’s platinum-level partnership is centered on the upcoming Tour des Trees, as the foundation is helping to plan and promote the tour, and the tour will end at the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City.

In its first 50 years, the Arbor Day Foundation has planted and distributed nearly 500 million trees in more than 50 countries around the world and inspired countless people to both learn about trees and get their hands in the dirt. In its first 20 years, the TREE Fund has given more than $4.8 million in grants for arboriculture research and education. TREE Fund research has produced better ways to plant and care for urban trees, making them more resilient, more resistant to pests, and less prone to failure.

The Arbor Day Farm offers 260 acres of natural beauty and outdoor exploration, along with: the luxurious Lied Lodge, with soothing nature-inspired décor, and scenic views; the Treetop Village, a fun-for-all-ages nature experience up in the trees; the Discovery Ride, a one-hour journey into the backwoods; trails; educational tours; wine tasting; golf; a spa; and much more.

The Tour des Trees begins in Des Moines, Iowa, September 3, and ends at the farm September 10. The tour serves to advance TREE Fund’s mission to explore and share the science of trees contributing to the lives of people, communities, economies, and the environment, and of the planning, planting, and sustainability of urban and community trees. The 2022 Tour des Trees features both a live ride and a virtual event, so participants can join us in Iowa or anywhere in the world. You can learn all about the tour here.