The Fockele Garden Company co-owners Mark Fockele and Julie Evans have earned Green Roof Professional Certification from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC).

GRHC is a national organization that is working to increase the awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roof infrastructure.

As Green Roof Professionals, Fockele and Evans are certified to coordinate the different areas of a green roof project which includes bringing together engineers, roof contractors, and design professionals.

“A Green Roof is extremely beneficial to a home or business owner,” Evans said. “It saves on energy costs, provides sound insulation, has aesthetic appeal, and controls stormwater runoff. This is a natural blending of services we already offer for residential and commercial customers.”

Green roof infrastructure involves the use of technologies that incorporate drainage/filtering systems, quality waterproofing, root-repellancy, engineered growing media and plants. The benefits of green roofs include a reduction in storm water run-off, better heat and sound insulation, energy savings, improved air quality and reduction in the urban heat island. Other benefits include increased park space, improved aesthetics, community gardening and habitat restoration.

Based in Gainesville, Georgia, The Fockele Garden Company serves clients throughout the Southeast. The company focuses on the maintenance and installation of commercial landscapes and residential gardens, and provides services such as irrigation systems, cisterns, custom water features, and stone work.  For more information about The Fockele Garden Company, please call 770-532-7117 or visit