The Scotts Company Upgrades Testing Lab Web Site

The Scotts Company North America Professional Business Group announced significant enhancements to The Scotts Testing Lab Web site. These improvements will make it even easier and more convenient for growers and landscapers to make informed decisions based on expert analysis.

Since its inception, The Scotts Testing Lab at has provided accurate and reliable analysis of irrigation water, growing media, mineral soil and plant tissue. Over the years, professional growers and landscapers have come to rely on The Scotts Testing Lab to choose the right water soluble fertilizers, develop nutritional programs and diagnose problems of poor-performing plants.

Prior to the Web site’s recent enhancements, individuals requesting an analysis were asked to submit their water, media or tissue samples and wait to receive an e-mail with a link to their customized reports. Those reports were available online for three months, after which they were no longer accessible. Now, growers and landscapers are able to complete simpler, more concise request forms and receive their customized testing results via e-mail no more than 72 hours after the lab has received their samples.

“We’ve always taken pride in the reliability and accuracy of The Scotts Testing Lab,” said Ryan Lewis, communications manager for The Scotts Company North America Professional Business Group. “The recent changes to the Lab’s Web site reflect our dedication to continuous improvement. We feel it’s important to keep building upon the Lab’s success by finding new and better ways to provide our customers with the information they need.”

In celebration of the recent enhancements to The Scotts Testing Lab Web site, Scotts has supplied its extensive network of Territory Managers with coupons valid for a free water, growing media or tissue analysis from The Scotts Testing Lab. For more information, contact your local Scotts Territory Manager. A complete list of Territory Managers is available at