The Walker by Walker is a compact, mid-size, walk-behind mower by Walker Manufacturing. The 15-hp. Kawasaki engine with full-pressure lubrication delivers the power needed to run all Walker side-discharge and mulching decks up to 56 inches — the same full-floating decks that are run on the Walker Rider also mount on the walk-behind, including the deck tilt-up function. Like the Walker Rider, a castering tail wheel on the tractor allows the deck to move independently with flexible deck suspension and spring counter-weighting allowing the deck to “float” and follow ground contour for a beautiful cut. A simple forward speed control system and easy-to-use steering controls eliminate thumb locks and allow the Walker to handle much like the Walker Rider. Two HydroGear integrated, zero-turn transaxles give the operator the ability to maneuver into tight areas, trim close and finish the job in one pass. For more information, visit