The Toro Company is working with local water agencies to help residents reduce per capita water consumption year around with low-flow spray nozzles.

Significant population growth, environmental legislation, variable weather conditions and the dependence on imported water have made it imperative to reduce water use in California and help residents avoid high water rates. In a recent push to curb local water waste and protect water resources, water agencies across California created, an Internet-based nozzle program that provides residents with free vouchers to exchange their high-flow spray nozzles for 25 of Toro’s Precision Series Spray nozzles.

Research has shown that a quick and easy sprinkler nozzle upgrade can lower outdoor water use by up to 35 percent and go a long way to reducing water bills long term by helping residents avoid higher tiered rates. Toro’s high efficiency nozzles apply water 35 percent more slowly than conventional spray nozzles, which reduces unnecessary and wasteful runoff. These nozzles also apply water more evenly, improving the efficiency of the average sprinkler system by 30 percent and making every drop more useful.

Working in the community to provide more education about the nozzle program, Toro recently attended Western Municipal Water District’s 6th annual Earth Night in the Garden, held in Riverside, Calif. on April 22. More than 2,000 local families spent the evening learning how the nozzles work, how to install them and how to sign up for the program.

Some of the cities and water districts participating in the program include:


Riverside County:
City of Corona
Eastern Municipal Water District
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District
The Farm Mutual Water Co.
Jurupa Community Water District
Rancho California Water District
Riverside Public utilities
Western Municipal Water District

San Bernardino County:
City of Chino
City of Chino Hills
City of Upland
Cucamonga Valley Water District
Monte Vista Water District
Ontario Municipal Water District
Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Orange County:
Golden State Water Company
Irvine Ranch Water District
Laguna Beach County Water District

Los Angeles County:
Golden State Water Company
Santa Clarita Water Division
Walnut Valley Water District
California Water Service Company

Ventura County:
Golden State Water Company
Oxnard Public Works Department
California Water Service Company

Residents and homeowner associations serviced by these agencies can visit the website ( to sign up. Each qualifying resident who participates receives 25 of Toro’s low-flow nozzles. Large homeowner associations and commercial sites can qualify to receive 250 or more nozzles.