Toro launches Precision Series Rotating Nozzle Shrub and Slope kit

Toro introduced the Precision Series Rotating Nozzle (PRN) Shrub & Slope kit. The kit is the latest addition to the Precision Series Rotating Nozzle line and is ideal for delivering efficient irrigation in above ground settings.

The PRN Shrub & Slope kit includes a pre-assembled nozzle, shrub riser, and check valve to make installation quick and easy. The pre-installed PRN nozzle, available with a full or adjustable arc pattern, delivers multiple wind-resistant, low trajectory streams at a matched precipitation rate of 0.6 inches per hour, which allows more time for water to be absorbed by the soil and helps to avoid excess runoff.

In addition, the PRN Shrub & Slope kit includes Toro’s patented X-Flow Technology built into the riser. The X-Flow feature automatically prevents the flow of water through the riser when the nozzle is removed either intentionally or through accidental damage. Wasteful gushing of water is virtually eliminated with the X-Flow included.

Finally, the spring-actuated Precision Series Check Valve provides the PRN Shrub & Slope Kit with an immediate check at system shut-off and eliminates low head drainage, a common source of water waste on slopes.

“Slopes and shrubs are often the source of a great deal of water waste due to their position in the landscape and very specific plant requirements,” says Chris Davey, product marketing manager for Toro’s Irrigation Business. “The PRN Shrub & Slope Kit is designed to take advantage of many of our most efficient watering solutions to meet the needs of these unique spaces in an easy-to-install package.”

PRN Shrub & Slope Kits are available now at authorized Toro Irrigation Distributors. Effluent models are also available for reclaimed or dirty water. For additional information or to find a distributor near you, visit