Utility contractors now can trench deeper than ever before with Toro’s new four-foot trencher boom attachment for the Toro TRX-19 dedicated trencher or any Toro Dingo compact utility loader equipped with one of two trencher attachments. The four-foot boom allows operators to install utility lines at depths exceeding 42 inches, and is ideal for projects such as irrigation, drain tile or valve box installations, tree plantings, and edging applications.

Toro compact utility products are frequently used by electricians, plumbers and municipalities to perform a variety of utility installation tasks. “In response to feedback and market demand, we are now offering a boom option that gives contractors the ability to install water, drainage and other utilities at depths beyond our 24-inch and 36-inch boom options,” explains Greg Lawrence, product marketing manager for Toro’s compact utility equipment.

Toro offers several chain types for the four-foot boom in 4-pitch soil or combo tooth configurations.  Depending on which chain type is selected, a 4- or 6-inch wide trench can be produced with the four-foot boom.  An optional crumber also is available.

Toro trenchers feature a powerful hydraulic direct drive system that increases productivity and reduces downtime by eliminating belts and chains in the drive system. The system incorporates a large hydraulic motor to provide greater speed and a long service life, while minimizing maintenance. The hydraulic drive also allows the trencher chain to be easily reversed to clear jamming in tough conditions.

For more information on Toro TRX walk-behind trenchers and Dingo compact utility loaders and attachments, contact Toro Compact Utility Equipment, 8111 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55420; call 1-800-Dig-Toro (1-800-344-8676); e-mail Dingo@Toro.com; or visit www.toro.com/dingo and www.toro.com/trx