Toro Sentinel central control

When the health and aesthetics of turf is your responsibility, it can be a 24/7 job. The Toro Sentinel central control system is here to help your customers stand guard. This powerful water management system provides exceptional customizability, reliability and peace of mind.

The Sentinel central control pairs powerful, easy-to-use software with intelligent Sentinel field controllers. Scheduling and daily operations can be managed from a PC or iPhone and iPad using NSN Connect. Simple to operate software provides ET-based watering programs that can generate water savings of up to 30 percent per year. Programming is flexible and easy to understand thanks to straight forward descriptions, maps and help screens.

Communication between the software and the field controllers is customizable, as well. Radio, Wi-Fi, cellular and ethernet can be mixed and matched to meet individual system needs. Program data is stored both at the field controller and within the central computer; if a computer or master controller goes off line, there is no loss of irrigation. Field changes to controller programs can easily be uploaded to the computer.

Controllers are available with conventional 24VAC wiring, both AC and DC two-wire, and come in a variety of different enclosure options. Sentinel’s unique propriety “wireless output board” technology offers additional surge protection for the control module as well as the ability to easily expand the station count on a controller up to 204 stations, with a radio range of up to three thousand feet line-of-sight from the controller.

Sentinel also now offers the ability to track up to sixteen flow inputs per controller individually. If problems arise, an alert is triggered right away. Monitoring alarms report any system component failure, including communications, over- or under-flow conditions or power failure. Pipeline breaks, malfunctioning valves and missing heads are automatically detected and shut down to prevent water loss and provide additional cost savings.

This water management tool allows for easy data analysis and reporting, including run time, water usage, alarms and system change reports. Real time and long-term data provides the knowledge needed to water efficiently.

Additional upgrades, such as, the Toro Pro Series Soil Sensor, Turf Guard soil sensor, web-based Precision-ET, or an onsite weather station maximize the water saving benefits of the Sentinel system. Pro Series and Turf Guard sensors allow Sentinel users to set upper and lower moisture level ’trip points’ to regulate when irrigation is allowed. ET-based watering using Toro’s proprietary Precision-ET or an onsite weather sensor, automatically schedules irrigation based on individual landscape needs and local weather conditions.


Toro backs all Sentinel central control products with a minimum of two years of National Support Network (NSN) service, including unlimited, 24-hour toll-free support and year-round emergency paging. Technical and software-specific support is also provided.

Sentinel central control puts ultimate watering efficiency at your customers’ fingertips, giving them the tools they need to WaterSmart.