Valent Professional Products announced that Tourney Fungicide has received New York Department of Environmental Conservation approval for unrestricted use on golf course and landscape turf in the state of New York, providing turf professionals with a much-needed new weapon against a broad spectrum of turf diseases.

“Superintendents and lawn care operators (LCOs) in New York are looking for something new. They have needed a new tool for selective or broad spectrum disease control,” said David Frye, marketing manager for Valent Professional Products. “With the approved registration of Tourney in New York, we are very excited to offer customers there an effective new tool in their battle against turf diseases.”

A new-generation fungicide featuring the active ingredient metconazole, Tourney controls a broad spectrum of turf diseases, including anthracnose, dollar spot, fairy ring and summer patch. With the lowest use rate per acre of any fungicide in its class, Tourney also has a reduced environmental load and places less stress on the turf.

Tourney also provides New York superintendents and LCOs with a much-needed new tool for fungicide resistance management.

“Because it controls a broad spectrum of turf diseases with great efficacy, Tourney allows superintendents and LCOs to control a wide range of tough turf diseases with just one fungicide,” said Dr. Jill Calabro, plant pathologist for Valent Professional Products.  “That means fewer applications and less money and time spent on the purchase and application of fungicides.”

Not only do New York turf professionals have access to a new fungicide, they have access to a best-in-class fungicide, as proven by results from the 2009 Tourney Demo Program.

Tourney, which is now available for use in all 50 states, comes to New York after more than 950 superintendents across the country took part in a wide-scale demo program that tested Tourney against a broad spectrum of turf diseases.

The results overwhelmingly showed that Tourney provides superior control of a broad spectrum of turf diseases. In 92 percent of trials rating the disease control and in 93 percent of trials rating the quality of the turf, superintendents rated Tourney as either “excellent” or “very good.” The demo program also shows that Tourney is an ideal fit for early-season spray programs targeting a broader spectrum of diseases with longer residual, including anthracnose, dollar spot and fairy ring, among others.

“The Tourney Demo Program proved that turf professionals across the country can successfully treat a broad spectrum of turf diseases with one very active and dynamic fungicide,” Calabro said. “We are delighted that New York turf professionals now have access to Tourney too.”