Turfco 3-in-1 Auxiliary Tank for T3000i spreader/sprayer

Turfco introduces the optional 3-in-1 Auxiliary Tank for their patented and patent-pending T3000i spreader/sprayer. The 3-in-1 Auxiliary Tank fits securely on the front of the T3000i without obstructing the view or inhibiting the hands-free speed control system. With the ability to complete three different tasks, the tank provides maximum versatility and productivity and saves 10 to 15 minutes per lawn.

The first operation the 3-in-1 tank provides is acting as an auxiliary tank to increase the spray quantity of the T3000i to 31 gallons. Using the same liquid in the 15-gallon Auxiliary Tank and the primary 16-gallon tank enables the operator to spray up to 124,000 square feet. The 3-in-1 Auxiliary Tank connects to the main tank system, feeding directly into the primary tank. It quickly attaches or detaches, increasing the overall capacity on the machine and providing convenience.

The second task the 3-in-1 tank tackles is spraying two different liquids. Having the capacity to spray two liquids makes it simple to spray separate areas without switching equipment. The secondary liquid can be sprayed with the additional front-mount spray nozzle for the Auxiliary Tank, which sprays in six- or nine-foot widths. Switching from the primary nozzle on the front of the T3000i to the front-mount nozzle for the Auxiliary Tank is quick and easy, increasing productivity.

Third, the 3-in-1Auxiliary Tank includes a hand wand for spraying in a smaller, more confined area. A liquid like Roundup can be put into the 3-in-1 tank and sprayed on smaller areas, preventing damage to grass and plants around it. Like the first two functions, the primary tank can still be used at the same time for spraying the first product.

“The optional 3-in-1 Auxiliary Tank attachment is another innovative way Turfco listens to and meets the needs of our customers,” said Scott Kinkead, Turfco’s vice president. “Coupled with the enhanced speed control of the T3000i, the tank truly maximizes productivity – a top priority for all of our customers.”