Turfco Torrent blower

Turfco’s new patent-pending Torrent blower delivers high-velocity, high-volume airflow with a new level of control for year-round productivity. Superintendents and grounds mangers now have greater command over air speed, air direction, noise management and fuel consumption. Answering the call for more control, Turfco developed a new wireless, handheld controller to adjust blower functions and multiple air-speed settings. The controller allows the operator to dial in the exact nozzle direction for unprecedented precision. Faster nozzle rotation speed dramatically increases productivity, because operators won’t need to slow down to wait for the blower at the end of each pass. The controller is also equipped with an idle/resume button, enabling users to idle down the machine when bystanders are near and quickly resume operation at their original setting when the area is clear. The combination of the idle/resume button and multiple airspeed settings increases overall efficiency, helps operators save money on fuel costs, and reduces noise. An exclusive, optional auxiliary control kit is available as a backup if the wireless controller is ever lost or destroyed.