Turfco XT8 drop seeder attachment

Turfco adds double-duty performance to its top-of-the-line TurnAer XT8 riding aerator with the addition of a new, front-mounted drop seeder attachment. The optional XT8 drop seeder attachment lets operators aerate and seed at the same time, over the same aeration pattern.

The drop seeder’s 2.5 cubic-foot hopper holds as much as 60 pounds of seed. Seed rate dispersal is controlled by a hopper-mounted dial. The seed box spreads seed across a 30-inch swath, matching the aeration pattern.

Use of the attachment can almost double worker productivity, by letting the worker get two jobs done at the same time. “We know that contractors need to operate as efficiently as possible today, and the drop seeder option can reduce labor time significantly,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president of Turfco Manufacturing.

The XT8 minimizes downtime by keeping chains outside of the aeration area, which prevents debris from getting in wheels and chains, as well as by using sealed, self-lining bearings near the aeration area instead of debris-collecting grease zerks. Easily accessible chain tensioners provide ease of maintenance for operators.

The highly powered XT8 has the ability to cover as much as two acres of turf per hour.

“With a maximum aeration speed of up to 7 mph and a 30-inch aerating width, the XT8 aerator can cover a lot of ground – up to two acres an hour. And it can still slip through a 48- inch gate,” said Kinkead. “The XT8 also incorporates intuitive controls along with zero-turn agility, so that operators can easily handle residential, commercial and sports turf challenges.

“Aeration is difficult part of the landscape management business, so we made the XT8 to be the aerator of choice for operators who want to increase productivity while minimizing downtime.”


The XT8 tackles every kind of terrain, thanks to a 22-hp. Briggs and Stratton engine that’s equipped with a cyclonic air cleaner. A patent-pending auto depth control allows users to set tine depth anywhere between zero to five inches. The machine ensures that depth is kept consistent across a property, regardless of turf conditions, eliminating in-use guesswork.

The operator-friendly design helps keeps workers fresh and at full attention throughout their shifts. The suspension is engineered to cushion workers against the wearying effects of shocks and vibration, increasing employee productivity and morale at the same time. Operators ride high on the XT8, which offers the highest ground clearance in its class – enabling it to easily climb street curbs without stumbling or hesitation.