Two more free TREE Fund webinars announced

TREE Fund announced two more free webinars in June: “Fighting Microbes with Microbes to Protect Our Native Trees” with Rachael Antwis, Ph.D.; and “Protecting Trees From Construction Impacts” with Andrew Benson, Ph.D.

Fighting Microbes with Microbes to Protect Our Native Trees

Tue., June 9, 2020, Noon CDT

(1 ISA and SAF CEU available with the live broadcast)

Ash dieback is a fungal disease sweeping through Europe, causing up to 95% loss of ash; one of our most common tree species. In “Fighting Microbes with Microbes to Protect Our Native Trees,” Dr. Rachael Antwis will provide an overview of the disease, and how researchers are attempting to limit the loss of this important tree species. She will also discuss her recent research, funded by the TREE Fund’s Jack Kimmel International Grant, looking at how natural microbial communities in ash leaves may be important for regulating disease progression within the host.


Protecting Trees From Construction Impacts


Tue., June 23, 2020, 3 p.m. CDT

(1 ISA and SAF CEU and ALSA LACES available with the live broadcast)

With increased intensification in cities throughout the world, urban trees are often at risk of becoming damaged by construction impacts, such as utility trenching or pavement / sidewalk repair. If the damage is severe and a tree loses a lot of its roots, the consequences may result in tree failure, or tree removal due to subsequent poor health. In this presentation, Andrew Benson, Ph.D., will share some of the reasons why urban trees become damaged during construction and some of the more suitable methods available to prevent or limit that damage occurring. This presentation will also look at some recent research, which aims to improve what we know about the consequences of construction damage effects, and hopefully provide some useful tools to practitioners who work with roots on a regular basis.