TYGAR Manufacturing™, LLC, manufacturer of decorative curbing equipment for the landscape industry, has announced further expansion and services in Canada with new demonstrations, seminars, and training classes in several provinces. The company is widely recognized as the leader in training in support in the curbing industry with a vast experience in the installation of curbing in cold, harsh climates.

“The demand for curbing among homeowners and businesses has expanded rapidly in recent years, leading to wide-open opportunity for contractors and entrepreneurs,“ said Mark Crosswell, CEO of TYGAR. 

During January, TYGAR’s Ontario office attended  the National Franchise & Business Opportunity Show in Toronto and conducted a full-day curbing demonstration and seminar in Ancaster.  In February and March, TYGAR’s other offices will provide similar demonstrations and trainings in Winnipeg, MB, Edmonton and Medicine Hat, AB, Montreal, QC, and Vancouver, BC.  In addition, TYGAR will provide online and DVD modules to prospective curbing contractors to supplement live training sessions.

With a decade-long presence in such climates as Northern Alberta and the Rocky Mountain States, TYGAR has invested years into developing the industry’s only Weather-Buster system proven to strengthen curbing in the coldest and harshest of climates.  “By developing proprietary additives, designing the CurbCable system for running a galvanized cable through curbing, and training our curbing contractors to mix formulas stronger than industry standards, we have eliminated the adverse impact of freezing and thawing,” said Clif Dodge, sales manager for TYGAR.  

“With TYGAR’s system, we have been able to ensure our clients that our curbing lasts without cracking and that it is a long-term home investment,” said Craig Cochran of GreenThumb Curbing in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where winter temperatures reach well below zero.  We’ve been able to successfully run all types of curbing for years without any major issues.”

At all of the upcoming events, TYGAR will exhibit the newly introduced BENGAL TG1000XL, the newest and most innovative curb machine on the market.  With a significantly enhanced system for adding strength and longevity to curbing, the BENGAL XL offers more choices in curb shapes and attachments, and greater stamping variety, thus resulting in a greater value to contractors.  

TYGAR provides complete turnkey landscape curbing equipment solutions for contractors and entrepreneurs who wish to enter the highly profitable business of decorative curbing.  All of their equipment packages include the BENGAL TG1000 XL Curb Machine, the SC2000 Sabertooth Sod Cutter, a custom curbing trailer with attached concrete mixer, complete training & support, and all the necessary accessories to get started.  

For specific dates and times of upcoming training seminars and demonstrations, call 1-888-EZ-TYGAR or visit tygarmfg.com.   Complete information package and DVD on the curbing business are also available on request.