UgMO’s wireless moisture sensors have been tested by SWAT – Smart Water Application Technologies – and are now part of the “SWAT tested” list of approved soil moisture sensors. UgMO is the only SWAT tested soil sensor technology that is wireless. Undergoing the SWAT testing through the independent laboratory at The Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) means that businesses and consumers can have confidence in the performance of UgMO sensors and are eligible to collect rebates for water conservation where these programs are available.

Check your local water utility website to determine if they offer rebates for smart irrigation products that are SWAT tested.

SWAT is a national partnership initiative of water purveyors and irrigation industry representatives created to promote landscape water use efficiency through an independent third party testing protocol specific to smart irrigation technology.  The Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), an independent testing laboratory at California State University, Fresno, conducted the rigorous test. The final objective of this protocol is to evaluate how well current commercial technology has integrated the scientific data into a practical system that meets the agronomic needs of turf and landscape plants