Underhill Decoder Modules convert Hunter ICC controllers to two-wire operation

In an effort to help irrigation contractors save time and labor on large residential or commercial jobs, Underhill now offers 2Wire Decoder Modules that convert Hunter ICC controllers to two-wire operation.

With a 2Wire system, just a single pair of wires extends from the controller to each valve in the irrigation network. The technology has proven a cost-saving alternative on sites with a quarter-acre or more because it requires less copper wire, reduces installation time and labor, and facilitates system expandability.

Underhill’s 2Wire Decoder Module snaps directly into the ICC’s module slot. All zones, or only selected stations in a hybrid system, can be converted to two-wire operation.

Once installed in the controller, the Underhill 2Wire Decoder Module is then connected to a series of 2Wire field decoders placed at the valve stations. Each field decoder is programmed for operation with a unique “station address” recognized by the Decoder Module. (A 2Wire push-button programmer is available for this purpose.)

 When a system is expanded, the installer connects additional wire to the last field decoder in the network and can add as many zones as needed. No trenching back to the controller is required.

A Hunter ICC with 32 stations can be expanded to 48 stations, controlling up to 96 valves if two valves are run at the same time.

The popularity of two-wire has increased dramatically over the last three years because of affordability, simplified “learning curve” and availability of proven products.

Popular sites for two-wire installations include: college campuses, sports fields, park and recreation centers, HOAs, cemeteries, commercial centers and other large landscapes.

Synthetic sports fields have also utilized two-wire to run perimeter sprinklers that “cool down” artificial turf before play during warm weather.

Underhill Decoder Modules and field decoders have two-year warranties that include lightning protection, even with direct hits. Two-wire systems generally offer greater resistance to lightning damage because there is less copper wire in the ground to attract strikes.

For more information about Underhill 2Wire systems, visit www.underhill.us or call 866-863-3744 for a product catalog.