Underhill Turf Spy detection glasses

 TurfSpy, the newly-introduced turf stress detection glasses from Underhill International, can help landscape managers “see the future” by revealing potential problems before they are visible to the naked eye.

TurfSpy lenses work by blocking out the green spectrum reflected from chlorophyll in healthy vegetation. Stress conditions, such as disease, drought, pests or poor nutrition, are revealed with glowing colors (red, coral, pink) and can be detected two to 10 days before they are visible to the unaided eye.

The ANSI-approved safety glasses have a new wrap-around lens for more effective viewing and adjustable earpiece for comfortable wear while mowing.

Landscape managers who use stress detection lenses report they help identify diseases for early treatment, including: fusarium patch, pythium blight, yellow patch, brown patch and anthracnose, along with poa grass invasions.

 TurfSpy glasses can also spot wilting caused by drought or broken sprinklers, and are useful in locating weeds for pesticide application or in identifying tree diseases and pests.

Constructed from shatter-proof polycarbonate, the TurfSpy lens include a high quality soft case and micro-fiber cleaning cloth.

For more information or to order TurfSpy glasses, contact Underhill at 866-863-3744 or see the lenses on the Web site at www.underhill.us.