Unique Lighting Systems’ New Vivid Series lamps

Unique Lighting Systems introduced the new Flex Gold Vivid Series LED lamps, available in two adjustable color types. The Vivid CCT is a white lamp with an adjustable temperature that enables the true color of outdoor elements to vibrantly shine, while the Vivid RGB lamp is an adjustable color changing lamp to add a touch of color to any outdoor environment.

Lighting is a significant factor in extending the value, security and beauty of any outdoor space. It sets the mood for outdoor events, creates a secure and welcoming environment, and enables businesses to extend hours to increase profitability. Many standard color outdoor lamps may cause some outdoor elements to appear muddy, harsh, yellowed or blue. However, Vivid CCT lamps with adjustable color temperature enable the natural tones of outdoor elements to show just as brilliantly at night as they do during the day. For a more dramatic effect, Vivid RGB lamps adjust between red, blue, green and yellow to suit any mood, holiday or special event.

“Until now, outdoor lighting has been limited to one particular hue or color temperature,” said Burnett Jones, business manager for Unique Lighting Systems. “These lamps change that by allowing you to alter the color temperature or hues to suit a specific need or design scheme. It is a game changer in the world of outdoor lighting design.”