UPworld.com membership Passes 2,000

The membership of UPworld.com — online professional networking community for the architecture, construction, and real estate industries — has reached 2,000.  Announcing the milestone, Jennifer Magee, UPworld Co-founder and CEO, commented, “The explosive growth of the UPworld.com community has vastly exceeded our initial expectations.  Since the network’s launch just nine months ago, our members have enthusiastically embraced the idea of professional online networking and taken advantage of the business, career, and social opportunities offered by instant access to representatives of all specialties in the real estate and building industries.”

Established in April of 2007, UPworld serves as both a real-time social networking tool for professionals and a platform for knowledge exchange among experts that allows for easy and fast development of deals, projects, and advisory teams at virtually any location in the United States or overseas. UPworld connects representatives of all professions involved in the building, design, and real estate, industries, which combined comprise the second largest industrial sector in the world, valued at $3.2 trillion annually. In the U.S., the sector employs approximately 8.5 million people or 10 percent of the U.S. workforce, and contributes more than $700 billion to the national economy.  The network brings together architects, interior designers, engineers, builders and contractors, fabricators and suppliers, investors and financing providers, real estate owners, developers and property managers. UPworld hosts frequent networking and educational events.

Since its launch, the community has been growing at an increasing pace, reaching an average of approximately 200 new members joining UPworld per month in January 2008.

“We were incredibly lucky in choosing the right time to launch this type of business-related social networking site,” said Magee. “Just a year or two ago, the idea of on-line networking would have met fierce resistance from professionals, who associated it with teenager-occupied chat rooms.  However, the new generation entering the worlds of architecture, construction,  real estate, and engineering is as familiar and at ease with on-line presence as the previous generation is with email.” said Magee.