Re-creating the sights and sounds of a vacation destination’s outdoor living space can give a home’s patio the feel of a five-star resort. Here are five patio updates that will make it look and feel like the setting for a relaxing getaway:


1) Water Arches Add Ambience – Water cascading over a pool in a gentle arch turns the ordinary into extraordinary. And a pool is not required: sprinklers that shoot water arches can be installed within a patio, creating a play area for children.


2) Floor Guests With Pavers – If you look under foot at the outdoor spaces at resorts and beachside homes, the patio is typically made of decorative concrete pavers. Why? Durable enough for heavy foot traffic, the pavers’ variety in shape, color and size offer design flexibility and turn the floor into a décor element.

“Many people use pavers in patio areas as much for the designer look they offer as for the durability they provide to an active area, which makes them a wise investment when updating outdoor spaces,” said Ken O’Neill, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Belgard Hardscapes. “You can easily refresh an existing patio or pool deck by laying pavers over existing flooring like a concrete slab, though we recommend you use a licensed installer who knows how to safely overlay pavers or who can remove the previous underlayment. If you’re creating a dream vacation oasis, you want to avoid the nightmare of a poorly planned patio.”


3) Wind Down With Waterfalls – For many, the gentle sounds of a splashing waterfall can wash away stress. Add a water feature to a patio for the visual and acoustic benefits. Some fireplaces also include built-in waterfalls so homeowners can enjoy two of nature’s elements together.


4) Add Flair with Fire – From fire pits to fireplaces, fire features invite homeowners to use their patios long into the evening, making every night feel like a vacation. With dozens of options – including sophisticated fire tables and chef-friendly brick ovens – and modular sets that can be installed quickly, there is a fire feature to fit every patio size, lifestyle and budget consideration.


5) Raise the Bar – Outdoor entertaining and eating are inherent to warm weather and a must-do while on vacation. Create the same environment at home with an outdoor kitchen or bar with adjacent social area.


With a few exciting updates, homeowners can bring the sounds of an island resort or ambience of a mountain getaway to their own patios, assuring the relaxing feel of a vacation is only a few steps away.

— Provided by Belgard Hardscapes