Ornamental growers, lawn care operators (LCOs) and arborists looking to get a jump on next year and get more mileage from their chemical budgets can do both with the 2011 Early Order Program (EOP) from Valent Professional Products.

From Sept. 1-Nov. 30, 2010, ornamental growers, LCOs and arborists can enjoy major savings when choosing from Valent Professional Products’ outstanding selection of ornamental products — including new Adorn fungicide; Arena insecticide; BroadStar herbicide; Overture insecticide; Safari insecticide; SureGuard herbicide; Tourney fungicide and more — as part of the EOP.

Rebate offers apply only to qualified purchases and include a 2x Bonus Program for qualifying purchases of Safari and SureGuard.

“Ornamental growers, LCOs and arborists are already planning for 2011, and we understand that budgets will again be tight in many cases,” said John Johnson, national sales manager for Valent Professional Products. “The Early Order Program provides growers, LCOs and arborists with a value-added incentive—a great value for quality, best-in-class solutions that will yield high-quality, healthy plants and happy customers.”

Valent Professional Products offers ornamental growers, LCOs and arborists a wide variety of products to help protect ornamental plants, lawns, trees and shrubs from pests and disease.

With the longest residual of any sprayable herbicide on the LCO market, SureGuard provides an exceptional value that helps reduce callbacks and allows LCOs to offer more and make more—a perfect solution for their high-value customers. An excellent tank mix partner for glyphosate or other postemergence herbicides, SureGuard offers excellent control of tough annual broadleaf and grassy weeds without staining, resulting in weed-free ornamental beds and making life easier for ornamental growers and LCOs alike.

Safari is a highly systemic insecticide that provides quick uptake and knockdown of a broad spectrum of tough and invasive pests, including emerald ash borer (EAB), Q- and B-biotype whitefly, armored and soft scale, mealybug, leafminer and many more. Available for use as a basal trunk spray, soil injection or soil drench, Safari also provides unmatched ease of application.

In addition to Adorn; Arena; BroadStar; Overture; Safari; SureGuard; and Tourney, the following products are included in the EOP rebate offers: DiPel Pro DF biological insecticide; Distance fire ant bait; Distance insect growth regulator; Envoy Plus herbicide; Fascination plant growth regulator; Gnatrol WDG biological larvicide; ProGibb T&O plant growth regulator; Sumagic plant growth regulator; Tame insecticide and TetraSan miticide.

EOP invoices must be submitted by Dec. 8, 2010. Rebates will be distributed within 60 days of the program’s close.

Growers, LCOs and arborists should contact their local distributor to learn more about the 2011 Ornamental Grower and LCO/Arborist Early Order Program from Valent Professional Products.

For more information, please visit either www.valentpro.com/ornEOP (ornamentals) or www.valentpro.com/lcoEOP (LCO/arborists).