Valley Simplifies Remote Irrigation Management with Tracker Mobile

With the introduction of Valley Tracker Mobile, irrigators now have access to the latest technology for remote management of their pivots and linears.

The Tracker Mobile feature is a combination of Smartphone/PDA technology that uses Web access to retrieve monitoring and control options from the Valley Tracker.  It provides irrigators with additional visual access to irrigation information from the convenience of their Smartphone or PDA.

“Valley Tracker Mobile makes monitoring and controlling irrigation equipment easier than ever,” said Mark Ringenberg, Product Application Manager-Valley Controls.  “Using a Web-enabled Smartphone with a Windows mobile browser, an irrigator can follow the status of each pivot and control its operations with just a touch, no matter his or her location.”

Tracker Mobile, which features easy-to-understand color-coded symbols, performs all control and monitor options currently available to the grower, Ringenberg said, noting that users can view the status of all of their irrigation equipment under a single menu and no longer have to make a phone call to every individual pivot to check its status.

“They’ll also see in-depth pivot information on the status summary screen in an easy-to-understand format, and they can easily send commands and check for faults,” Ringenberg added. “It saves time, money and hassles.”

A navigational tutorial of Valley Tracker Mobile can be found at It features a simulated version of how the information will appear on-screen. Local Valley dealers can also provide more information on Tracker Mobile.