HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc. and ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance announced that Darryl Wilson, facilities director for City of Hope, and Richard Restuccia, director, water management solutions for ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance will co-present a success story for the HydroPoint Sustainability 360° Educational Series on a June 9, 2011 live webcast.  The webcast will feature results City of Hope has achieved by implementing HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management solutions. This webcast is part of HydroPoint’s ongoing 360° Educational Series. The Series is designed to spur adoption of green technologies and practices that are both environmentally and financially viable.

City of Hope, located just northeast of Los Angeles, is a leading cancer research, treatment and education center.   Deploying WeatherTRAK water-saving technologies in 2010 to address rising water costs and outdoor water use restrictions, City of Hope reports reduced water use and optimized grounds crew operations across the 120-acre campus.  The park-like surroundings provide a diverse landscape for visitors and employees with more than one million square feet of turf, a nationally accredited rose garden, Japanese garden with koi pond and numerous tree specimens.

City of Hope partnered with ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance to update out-dated irrigation clocks with 47 WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers after recognizing that significant outdoor water efficiencies could be achieved.   HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management solutions provide City of Hope grounds crews with 24/7 visibility to irrigation schedules and water use via central internet management.  Daily evapotranspiration (ET) data is transmitted to the WeatherTRAK controllers, updating the automated watering schedules as local weather conditions change.  Plants receive precise amounts of water only when they need it.  The technology eliminates over-watering as well as costly water run-off, hardscape repairs and liabilities.  

“We commend City of Hope for their commitment to making outdoor water efficiency a priority.  Using WeatherTRAK technology, ValleyCrest has optimized plant health, reduced staff hours and conserved vital resources at City of Hope, establishing a new standard in environmental stewardship for the community the institution serves and medical centers across the nation,” said Richard Restuccia, Director of Water Management Solutions for ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance.


Register for the complimentary June 9 webcast featuring City of Hope’s Smart Water Management Success Story at: http://www.hydropoint.com/cityofhope.