Vanguard increases engine options available on Scag Turf Tiger II commercial mower

Vanguard expands power options for the Scag Turf Tiger II with the addition of the 37.0-gross-hp. EFI Big Block V-Twin (993cc). This increases the Vanguard engine options for the Scag Turf Tiger II, already powered by the Vanguard 35.0-gross-hp. Big Block V-twin (993cc). Vanguard engines also earned new placements on select Ferris, Wright and Walker mower models.

“Adding Vanguard offerings to these product lines allows customers to choose an engine they can rely on for high-quality performance,” said Randy Ballard, vice president of consumer and commercial turf engine sales at Briggs & Stratton. “Customers who opt for Vanguard power receive a premium, field-proven engine trusted to get the job done.”

Vanguard engines are now available in the following commercial mowers for the season:

  • Scag Turf Tiger II — Vanguard Big Block 37.0 gross hp. EFI (993cc)
  • Ferris Z3X — Vanguard Big Block 37.0 gross hp. EFI (993cc)
  • Wright Stander ZK — Vanguard Big Block 37.0 Gross hp. EFI (993cc)
  • Wright Stander X — Vanguard 28.0 gross hp. EFI (810cc)
  • Walker Mowers S18 — Vanguard small block 18.0 gross hp. (570cc)
  • Walker Mowers H37i — Vanguard Big Block 37.0 gross hp. EFI (993cc)

Vanguard engines are becoming increasingly available throughout the Scag product portfolio. “The Turf Tiger II already sets the industry benchmark for toughness and productivity,” said Dennis Opalacz, director of sales for Scag Power Equipment. “The incorporation of this incredible engine into our model lineup further enhances the Turf Tiger II’s status as a premier option for commercial cutters.”

Vanguard EFI offers a series of benefits, including fuel savings up to 25 percent, increased horsepower and alcohol stale fuel resistance, as well as improved load pickup and reliable starting.