Vermeer BC1000XL brush chipper now features patented EcoIdle technology

Vermeer continues to enhance its brush chipper line with its newest offering of the BC1000XL model of brush chippers for tree care and land clearing contractors, municipalities and rental business owners. The diesel engine model now has a Tier 4 final Deutz engine option with DVERT diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology and features the industry-exclusive EcoIdle engine control system, which contributes to fuel efficiency.

When the EcoIdle engine control system is engaged, it automatically lowers engine speed to 1400 rpm if no material has been chipped for either 60 seconds or five minutes, whichever setting the contractor chooses. This helps to consume less fuel if the feeding process has frequent interruptions. Noise and greenhouse emissions are also reduced.

Another new feature is a multifunction display. Machine functions such as engine rpms, battery voltage, fuel consumption and coolant temperatures can be consistently monitored. Fault codes and error messages alert the operator to a potential issue, so preventative measures can be taken to resolve the issue early.

The Vermeer-exclusive SmartFeed feed-sensing control system is designed to enhance productivity and reduce wear on feed system components. A standard bottom feed stop bar is designed to make it possible for the operator’s leg to strike the bar and stop the feed roller either intentionally or automatically. The 12-by-17-inch ) infeed opening enables the chipper to better process difficult material.

The BC1000XL diesel model is available with two engine options: 49 horsepower or 74-horsepower turbocharged.

“Vermeer is leading the way by offering a choice in Tier 4 final engine,” said Todd Roorda, tree care and rental sales manager for Vermeer. “By offering the latest in equipment technology, Vermeer customers can be assured they are emissions complaint and can maximize their productivity.”

The BC1000XL is also available with an 89-horsepower GM 3.0 L engine. This machine is available in a dual-fuel option — running on propane or gasoline — or a gasoline only option.

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