Vermeer Corporation has introduced a new technology within its line of brush chippers designed to help tree-care contractors conserve fuel and reduce overall engine noise.

The EcoIdle engine control system automatically lowers engine speed to 1,400 rpm if no material has been chipped for either 60 seconds or 5 minutes, whichever setting the contractor chooses. This helps to consume less fuel if the feeding process has frequent interruptions. Engine speed automatically increases if the engine detects a change in loading.

“With today’s fuel prices, the EcoIdle function can help a tree-care contractor conserve fuel,” said Todd Roorda, tree-care sales manager for Vermeer Corporation. “Over a year’s time, this can result in considerable savings. Plus, by lowering the engine speed, it also helps to reduce overall engine noise as well, which can help with neighbor relations when working in residential areas.”

The EcoIdle function is available on the Vermeer BC1200XL, BC1500 and BC1800XL brush chippers.