The Vermeer SC30TX stump cutter features a dependable electronic fuel injection (EFI) gas engine that performs well during cold-weather starts, reducing occurrence of engine flooding over comparable carbureted gas engines.

The 27-hp. Kohler EFI gas engine produces the necessary torque for challenging ground conditions and stubborn tree stumps. Along with efficient maintenance and startability, the engine provides cost-effective fuel economy. Its horizontal-shaft design allows for easier access and maintenance due to the elimination of drive belts. The optional AutoSweep system monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts cutter wheel sweep to reduce engine and structural stress.

Two individually controlled tracks enable a zero-turning radius. Each track is operated by its own joystick for simple, intuitive operation. This, along with its compact 35-inch-wide footprint and 7-inch tracks, contributes to easier maneuverability in tight spaces and reduced yard disruption.

The 16-inch cutter wheel on the SC30TX is positioned in the center of the unit for easy alignment with the stump. The Vermeer-exclusive Yellow Jacket cutter system offers extended life of cutting teeth and easy maintenance. Each tooth provides 2 full wear cycles, while its universal design can fit any position on the cutter wheel. A chip containment curtain directs cuttings to a pile and away from the operator.