Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting introduced the new 2106 Up & Accent Luminaire. The fixture combines brass and composite materials for a functional, durable fixture that blends seamlessly into any landscape installation. 

The 2106 Up & Accent fixtures combine the best qualities of brass and composite materials. The fixture’s heavy-gauge brass body and milled brass base are aesthetically pleasing and integrate easily into landscapes. The robust composite knuckle is corrosion resistant for longevity, making it ideal for landscapes in humid or coastal areas. The knuckle also features a high-strength, polyester powder-painted finish to match the brass fixture and isolate the metal from the soil. Vista is currently the only lighting company with the technology to paint composite material. Additionally, an oversized silicone O-ring provides even more protection against dust and moisture penetration.

“Our new brass-composite Up & Accent fixture combines highly durable, long-lasting materials into one fixture. It’s especially ideal for landscapes that use reclaimed water or contain a high amount of soil additives, ” explains Cruz Pérez, Vista’s vice president of sales and marketing.

The Up & Accent ships with a factory-fitted Vista thermo-composite LED MR-16 lamp with two available power levels and four optic patterns, allowing more design flexibility. It is also comes ready to install, so it doesn’t need to be opened in the field. This provides another safeguard against any moisture or dirt that could cause quality degradation. The Up & Accent comes with the specified mounting accessory and silicone-filled wire nuts, as well as a high-temperature silicone diaphragm gasket. The fixtures are compatible with lenses and louvers either installed at Vista’s Simi Valley factory or in the field, and, like all of Vista’s products, the Up & Accent fixtures are designed and manufactured in America.

“The Up & Accent provides landscapers and specifiers with the quality they expect from an American-made and designed Vista product, but at a better price point than others on the market,” says Pérez. “We’re constantly striving to innovate and improve our products at Vista. The brass-composite technology featured in the Up & Accent Luminaire allows installers to use the fixture in harsh environments that other products previously couldn’t withstand.”