Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting introduces new vPRO 2 transformers

Today, more than ever before, customers and contractors want the ability to control outdoor lighting from their mobile devices. Vista made that a reality with its original vPRO transformers. Now, the company is building upon the success of that product by introducing the new vPRO 2.

vista pro“vPRO 2 offers enhanced features and functionality,” said Cruz Pérez, vice president of marketing for Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. “While the original vPRO was successful, we wanted to take it to the next level by improving its reliability and performance.”

A proprietary, downloadable app allows the transformer to be managed by any Bluetooth-enabled device, placing lighting control in the hands of vPRO 2 users. And now, thanks to a new extended range 2.4GHZ external Bluetooth signal antenna on the vPRO 2, users can reliably control their outdoor lighting from greater distances. Multi-circuit control and programming is available through just a single Bluetooth connection. The app also offers installation instructions and troubleshooting, making it a valuable tool for contractors and end users alike.

vPRO 2 Transformers are constructed from lightweight stainless steel and feature a low profile, making them easier to handle and install. The transformers’ functionality now features adjustable astronomic timing, dual-zone output from one unit and on-the-fly override of all control aspects. An easy-to-use interface makes programming fast and simple. Multi-stage dimming can be quickly accomplished, regardless of whether the light source is LED or halogen. Dimming is smooth from “full bright” to “off.”

The vPRO 2 is available in four American-made models, each with a solid state universal power supply. The VP-75 and VP-150 models feature 75W and 150W single circuits, respectively. The VP-75X2 model supplies 150W with dual 75W circuits, with the VP-150X2 model offering 300W with dual 150W circuits. All vPRO 2 models are rated for both indoor and outdoor installation with selectable adjustment of 12V or 15V. Self-adjusting voltage and current regulation protects against overloads, surges and spikes, protecting input and output circuits with no breakers to reset.

“It’s important to us that Vista offers the most reliable, efficient and user-friendly products in the outdoor lighting industry,” Pérezsaid. “vPRO 2 is just one more example of Vista making it easier for contractors to provide their customers with trouble-free lighting that enhances the beauty and safety of their outdoor spaces for years to come.”