Vista RGBW

Vista’s new LED RGBW WiFi Smart Lamp now available in Ryton R4 composite fixtures

Property owners want the ability to control and customize the appearance of their landscape lighting systems from virtually anywhere. Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting is making it easier for contractors to provide their customers with that ultimate level of control with its new LED RGBW WiFi Smart Lamp, now in the industry’s only line of Ryton R4 composite fixtures.

“With Vista’s LED RGBW Smart Lamp, users can change the color of a single lamp’s light output to suit a particular holiday season or any aesthetic they want at any time,” said Cruz Pérez, vice president of sales and marketing for Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. “Pairing this lamp with Ryton R4 composite fixtures extends its range of WiFi connectivity significantly over more common alloy materials.”

Ryton R4 is a 40-percent glass-fiber-reinforced, high-performance polymer that’s especially durable even in the harshest outdoor conditions. Vista’s Ryton R4 fixtures are available in black and dark bronze powder-coated finishes to suit the needs of nearly any landscape lighting application.

“While our LED WiFi Lamp is also available in all composite fixtures, matching it with Ryton R4 makes it even more useful in a broader range of applications,” said Pérez. “It’s all about providing contractors with the range of products they need to satisfy the needs of any customer.”