On July 3, VP Racing Fuels, Inc., in partnership with B3C Fuel Solutions, introduced the newest addition to its VP Small Engine Fuel product line — “Fix-It Fuel,” a fuel system treatment that cleans and rejuvenates poor/non-running small engines damaged by ethanol.

Designed as a single-use treatment, Fix-It Fuel is a pre-mixed ethanol-free 89 Octane gas and oil blend. Although mixed with oil at 50:1, it works in any 2- and 4-cycle small engine application. Fortified with B3C’s Mechanic In A Bottle, Fix-It Fuel cleans and repairs the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor or injectors, avoiding costly repairs and downtime.

Available in quarts, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, Fix-It Fuel is specially formulated to:

Clean carburetors & injectors without removal
Safely clean varnish & carbon deposits
Remove water that causes corrosion
Fix ethanol issues caused by pump gas
Rejuvenate rubber & plastic
Revitalize stale fuel
Reduce costly repairs & downtime

While running in your engine, Fix-It Fuel cleanses your equipment’s fuel system so it starts more easily and operates in top condition. Fix-It Fuel works in all 2- and 4-cycle equipment, including lawn mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, motorcycles, ATVs, generators and more.

Fix-It Fuel is best used as a one-time treatment for poor/non-running engines before the introduction of ethanol-free VP Small Engine Fuel, which is designed for ongoing use to prevent ethanol-related problems from occurring in the first place. VP-SEF is a complete and cost-effective solution to ethanol-related problems that currently plague the outdoor power equipment industry. For gas at the pump, B3C’s Ethanol Shield or VP’s soon-to-be-released VP Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer can be used to help prevent ethanol-related problems.