WAC Landscape Lighting

WAC Landscape Lighting introduces Adjustable Beam LED Wall Wash

WAC Landscape Lighting introduced the Landscape Adjustable Beam Wall Wash Luminaire. The new Adjustable Wall Washer is engineered to illuminate your exterior space with integrated LED modules for maximum energy-efficiency, and a tough die-cast brass or aluminum construction.

The Adjustable Beam Wall Wash provides a lumen output ranging from 200 to 1550 lumens with a range of 3-25 Watts of LED power, with on-board integral brightness control. It is perfect for fine residential, hospitality and commercial applications.

The LED luminaire delivers continuously adjustable NEMA architectural beam distributions featuring 3×4 (35° x 60°) to 4×5 (60° x 90°) to 5×6 (90 x120°) proportions and everything in-between, with a uniform beam wash of light. The rotatable luminaire head offers vertical distribution.

Multiple flexible options are available. Choose from 2700K or 3000K color temperatures and 12 Volt or 120 Volt system options.

Accessories include color and optical lenses. Tree and wall mounts are available. IP66 Rated against powerful water jets.

The luminaire is factory sealed from water damage and is rated up to 70,000 hours of life. Tested to withstand the elements, the wall washers deliver a uniform distribution to illuminate a broad array of shrubbery, walls and other outdoor living areas.

Three finishes are available—bronze on aluminum, black on aluminum, or bronze on brass.