WAC Lighting donates 500,000 masks to U.S. healthcare providers

Starting early in the year, WAC Lighting ordered 500,000 Level-3 surgical masks with the intent of donating them to COVID-19 healthcare relief efforts abroad.

As conditions dramatically worsened in the U.S., WAC is now shipping those 500,000 surgical masks to U.S. hospitals, primarily in the New York metropolitan area, where healthcare workers are being overrun by caseloads and are in desperate need of supplies.

“Our community well being lies in the hands of the heroic healthcare providers among us,” said WAC President and Co-CEO Shelley Wald. “Medical personnel and first responders need all the protection and support we can muster, but we cannot do it on our own.”

In addition to the mask donations that are being distributed through The Glow Foundation, WAC Lighting is calling upon others in the community to contribute monetary or in-kind donations.

“Please join our efforts to get supplies to the healthcare professionals on the front line,” said Wald. “Our prayers are with all those fighting this insidious illness and with all the people that love them. Thank you in advance for your kindness, and we hope that you stay safe and well.”