Walker launches new website

Walker Manufacturing announced March 17 that it has officially launched a new website to help new and existing customers gain a better understanding of what real productivity increases look like and how they can be achieved with the Walker Mower. Based on seven key advantages — compact, agile, steering, balance, trimming, reach and view — thewalkeradvantage.com develops each productivity advantage and demonstrates how they help contribute to overall job performance and profitability.

Productivity calculator shows real-world results 

The Walker Productivity Calculator at thewalkeradvantage.com is based on two years of testing the Walker versus other popular riding mowers on four different real-world properties. Visitors can load their own information into this calculator and see how their mower (or a product close to their mower) compares to various Walker mowers.

“We knew the Walker was a good machine,” explains Walker President Bob Walker, “but even we were surprised to see the Walker outperform the competition by an average of 20 to 25 percent.”

Nothing like it

“We don’t believe there has ever been a more comprehensive study of commercial riding mowers conducted,” says Walker Marketing Manager Tim Cromley. “Our team has not only broken new ground in the industry, but we have also exposed the truth of measuring productivity versus flat-out ground speed. We believe discriminating business owners and customers of all types will find these results useful and use them to help improve productivity and profitability –these are take-to-the-bank results.”

Be a winner


For fans who use the productivity calculator at thewalkeradvantage.com and share their results on Facebook, they are eligible to win a $2,500 dealer credit. Walker is giving one away each month now through August 2015.