Walker Manufacturing updates brand, celebrates production milestone

Walker Manufacturing Company recently released an update to its corporate brand and celebrated a production milestone.

The newly released brand is the result of a 10-month development project that has included the Walker family, Walker marketing department and a variety of company teams to implement the brand into the product.


Newly branded Walker product will be rolling off the Walker production line later this fall.“My dad (Max Walker) designed all of our logos from the late ’50s and into the ’60s for the products we made,” said Walker President Bob Walker, “and when it came to the lawn mower project in the early ’80s, I went to work as a draftsman with the tools of the trade to design our first logo.” The original logo served Walker well for a few years, but then a variety of updates were included in the brand image, and the identity of the product became confused.

“The challenge of the new brand update was to not make ‘logo number nine,’” explained third-generation family member, Ryan Walker. “When we went into this project, we asked our marketing team to maintain the legacy look while giving us a logo that can be used on our product and in a variety of spaces that we may not have known 10 years ago. The new brand identifies with our existing customers while reaching out to younger lawnmower enthusiasts.”

Updated product will begin to roll off the Walker line this fall, and new marketing and dealer items have now become available to Walker distributors and dealers in the field. An update to walkermowers.com is also scheduled for early November.

“When our marketing team introduced the logo to us, it just hit me right — they kept the legacy look of our design while introducing new aspects that will move the company forward for many years,” recalled Bob Walker. “My dad always said that your first impression was the right impression — I think he would have liked it.”

To see a video on the company brand update, visit www.walkermowers.com/videoviewer.php?vid=branding.

On Oct. 18, Walker Manufacturing produced Walker Mower #125,000. The machine rolled off the line in the morning and was celebrated with lunch and company photo of Walker’s 155 employees.

“This represents the work of our people at the factory, along with hundreds of people in our sales channel and thousands of customers who have made Walker Mowers a part of their livelihoods,” said Bob Walker. “We have not done this alone, and we are thankful for the relationships that continue to be established and nurtured as we build the mower.”

The company has celebrated milestones throughout its history, including two Walker Mowers Family Reunions in 2000 for #50,000 and 2008 for #100,000 where thousands of customers, suppliers and dealers converged on the Walker factory in Fort Collins, Colo., for two-day celebrations.

“We are a company that likes to celebrate accomplishments,” added Bob Walker. “And recognizing the people who make company progress is part of our company DNA.”

Number 125,000 is scheduled to ship at the end of October to Walker Distributor Specialised Mowing of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.


 Walker Manufacturing celebrates the production of Walker Mower #125,000.